Hill Of Beans Gourmet Coffee

Hurry beans, line up, there is a V.I.P. on the Hill! 

Welcome to our site. I'm Human Bean and I will be your tour guide during your journey through the Hill.
We are currently not taking orders online. Please call us if you are interested in a custom gift!

Feel free to check out the fun stuff like our history page, narrated by Has Bean or the trivia page with our shrinking violet Green Bean. Most of all have a good time on the Hill beacause we sure do!

Some Chefs have a reputation of being a temperamental perfectionist.  That’s me!!  I MUST have the finest and freshest quality beans available. 

Only 100% Arabica beans, roasted to perfection will carry the Gusto seal of approval.  Mucho Gusto!

Funnel cakes! Man cannot live by gourmet coffee alone, must have cakes! I'm now offering the funnel cakes' batter I use at Central Florida theme parks. 

Packaged with one of our funnel cakes' pitchers, all you need is a small skillet, some oil, your favorite topping and you too can be a funnel cake chef.


Remember this...don’t forget that...so much to do...so little time, I’m going to shop online!  Unique gifts, prices for every budget.

Now there’s time for my favorite brew and a soap or two!


I predict a long and happy shelf life for all my fine teas. I have gazed the world over for the best selection.  Read my leaves and you will see a future with Hill of Beans!

Are you tired of the bitter stuff? I’m the bean for you!  Gusto has put together the finest concoction and now I’m hooked.  More powerful than coffee, all you need is a shot of me.

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